Some medicinal plant photographs from the garden …

Some medicinal plant photographs from the garden …


Some medicinal plant photographs from the garden
lemon balm

It has been an extremely dry summer so far. Very little rain. My poor garden has been struggling this year and I fear I shall have some losses…

The beautiful icy pink of Althea officinalis (marshmallow) flowers were quite beautiful but they are now fading fast in the hot summer sun. A fabulous cooling herb. Both leaf and root have medicinal virtues.

Atropa belladonna better known as deadly nightshade has now changed from her flowers, initially to the green berry, and now covered in those shiny black berries.

Last year Artemisia absinthium (wormwood) succumbed to black fly. With the help of some ladybirds, lady Artemisia survived. This year she has not grown so tall and bushy. Next year I hope she will strengthen for harvesting. I do love her silvery foliage. An excellent digestive remedy, and not just for worms! Talking of lady Artemisia, I have both southernwood and mugwort growing in the garden too.

My golden Solidago canadensis initially coped admirably with the hot sun and glowed just as bright. Solidago virgurea looks a little different. Both commonly known as goldenrod and medicinal uses are interchangeable. A wonderful ally for the urinary tract.

Stacys betonica was quite stunning in June. Such beauty inspired me to post a plant profile. I often return to plant profiles to add some more thoughts or findings. I’m sure this is one I shall frequently return to update.

and so on to the images …

All images taken over June and July. Some medicinal plant photographs from the garden …

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Favourite Flower Poll: Which is Your Favourite?

So which flower is your favourite?

Back in July I posted the following four flower images on Facebook asking for a favourite. It was really interesting to read the responses.

Favourite Flower Colour-for-Facebook

and so which is the favourite flower ….

At the time of writing Red-Dead Nettle and Borage are leading equally with three votes each. Marshmallow has one vote.

Okay so it’s a small number and this is just a bit of fun. However, I was pleased Red Dead Nettle was popular in this poll. This little beauty is regularly pulled out of gardens as a weed. I wonder how many people actually look at beautiful flowers pulled out believing them nothing more than common weeds!

All four are medicinal plants. I love them all. Each flower brings a smile. Elecampane with the yellow rays of sunshine. The bee landing pad of the Red Dead Nettle. The almost ethereal colour of Borage and the sheer delicacy of the Marshmallow flower.

The top left yellow sunshine is Inula helenium. A member of the Asteraceae family and more commonly known as Elecampane. A great respiratory herb. Elecampane grows to a considerable height. My own garden plant is 5ft tall. Quite striking.

Lower left (pink) is Althea officinalis. The root from this medicinal plant was traditionally used as a sweet. The common name is Marshmallow! Unfortunately, the sweet is now artificial flavouring. Medicinally Althea is soft and soothing. The root and leaves are used in herbal medicine.

Top right is Lamium purpureum. Commonly Red Dead Nettle. A cousin of thyme and mint. You can see the similarity in the flowerhead.

Lower right is Borago officinalis. Beautiful Borage is a member of the Boraginaceae family along with comfrey and lungwort. A herb of courage!

Please feel free to add your favourite in the comments section.

So which is your favourite flower?

July Images from the Garden

Medicinal Herb Garden Images

July 2016

A selection of some of my favourite photographs of the flowering plants from my own medicinal garden in the Aude. Nature in all her beauty. These photographs have been taken over the last couple of days.

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