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dandelion TaraxacumAsteraceae (Compositae)

Dandelion teeth of the lion – for kidney, liver and digestive function

Taraxacum officinale Family: Asteraceae So why dandelion? I have sat down to write this post for a friend. Ian is a fantastic photographer. Frequently his stunning photographs include trees, squirrels …

Herbalists in History

Hippocrates the father of medicine

Hippocrates the father of medicine So what are the facts about Hippocrates On completion of my BSc (Hons) in herbal medicine my colleagues, completing the same year, and I stood together and quoted …

foods to avoid menopauseHerbal Articles

Nutritional Factors to Help with Menopausal Symptoms

Nutritional Factors to Help with Menopausal Symptoms So first up the sad part … those to reduce or avoid Caffeine Fix In clinical research, caffeine has been shown to cause more frequent …

Herbal Articles

Fight Winter Chills with Herbs from the Kitchen

Fight Winter Chills with Herbs Winter time brings cooler weather and with it a number of infectious and viral conditions ranging from the common cold or flu to sinusitis or …


Purslane for a cooling, healing salad

Portulaca oleracea Family: Portulacaceae Barker describes purslane as a creeping annual which can spread from 10-30 cm. The end of the stems are much leafier. Here you may find a few …

Asteraceae (Compositae)

Sunflower or tournesol – nutty nutritional benefits

Helianthus annuus Family: Asteraceae French common name: tournesol The sunflower needs little introduction. Same family as the daisy and the dandelion among others. The Aude is full of fields of sunflowers …

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