A Medicinal Tree Afternoon Amble


Medicinal Tree Afternoon Amble: Herb Walk with a Medicinal Tree Tea Tasting – Duration 90 minutes.

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Medicinal Tree Afternoon Amble

Thursday 21st March Afternoon Amble

I do love trees. Thursday 21st March 2019 is the International Day of Forests so a fitting opportunity for a little tree afternoon amble.

Trees are so important. Especially relevant for today, they help combat climate change and help us breathe clean air.

Many trees are important medicinals too. Some of these are trees growing around you. You may know some of them but be unaware they have medicinal properties.

So on to some brief details… of this Medicinal Tree Afternoon Amble

We’ll meet around 2.00 pm for informal introductions. We will begin with an introductory tasting of an herbal tea, or tree tea!

Thereafter we will have a gentle stroll, around one hour, identifying some medicinal trees. The aim is to discuss a minimum of 12 different trees.

As a result of the afternoon:

  • you will have personally tried a medicinal tree as a herbal preparation.
  • you will have an understanding of ways trees are prepared for medicinal use.
  • in addition to gaining some knowledge of medicinal, traditional or folkloric use of trees identified during the walk.

This afternoon session includes:

  • herbal ‘tree’ tea tasting
  • herb walk

Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear for the time of year. Full details will be provided after booking.

No handouts are provided for this walk. You may wish to bring a small notebook and pen for your own notes. A brief email including scientific and common names of trees identified on the afternoon can be sent to those participants who wish after the event.


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